Moore v. State of Alaska, 3AN-04-9756 CIV (Superior Court of Alaska Sept. 16, 2004).

The charge is that the current system of education in Alaska is unconstitutional because the constitutionally guaranteed education is not being adequately funded, and because the money that is being provided is not being distributed fairly. More information, including an order denying the State's motion to dismiss the case, is available at

Kasayulie v. State of Alaska, 3AN-97-3782 CIV (Superior Court of Alaska Sept. 1, 1999).

Plaintiffs in this case alleged constitutional violations on the basis of equity and adequacy, and the court decided in their favor, ruling that the state’s system of funding school facilities violated the equal protection and education clauses of the state constitution and the implementing regulations of Title VI of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964. More information is available at