Douglas Cty. Sch. Dist. 0001 a/k/a Omaha Public Schools v. Johanns, Douglas Cty. Dist. Ct., filed June 2003.

Plaintiffs, the Omaha School District, taxpayers and parents residing in the district, and an organization representing several other districts, claim that the state education finance system is unconstitutional in that fails to provide sufficient resources to allow children in their districts to obtain an adequate education or equal opportunity to meet academic standards set by state law. In May 2004 the trial court dismissed the claims based on the state education clauses, but the case remains pending as to claims based on equal protection, due process the constitutional prohibition of special legislation. In 2005 te Nebraska Supreme Court refused to allow the Lancaster County School District 0001, also known as Lincoln Public Schools, to intervene as either plaintiffs or defendants. Douglas County School District 0001 v. Johanns, 269 Neb. 664; 694 N.W.2d 668 (Neb. 2005). More information available at

Gould v. Orr, 244 Neb. 163, 506 N.W.2d 349 (Neb. 1993).

Plaintiffs, parents and their children, alleged that the state's statutory scheme for financing public schools denied them equal protection of law, equal and adequate educational opportunity, and uniform proportionate taxation. The Nebraska Supreme Court upheld the grant of summary judgment against the plaintiffs, ruling that their petition failed to state cause of action because it failed to allege that unequal funding of schools affected the quality of the education that the students were receiving.