Fair School Finance Council of Oklahoma v. State of Oklahoma, 1987 OK 114, 746 P.2d 1135 (Okla. 1987).

“[T]he right guaranteed in Article 13 § 1 [of the state constitution] is a basic, adequate education according to the standards that may be established by the State Board of Education” (emphasis in original).  The Oklahoma Supreme Court upheld the state system of school finance against a state constitutional challenge, ruling that “state funds do not have to be allocated to the districts on an equal per-pupil basis, but may be distributed as the Legislature sees fit,” and refusing to rule that the state legislature had acted in an arbitrary and capricious manner. 746 P.2d at 1149.


Wells v. Childers, 196 Okla. 336, 163 P.2d 1015 (Okla. 1947).

The Court in this case upheld the entry of an injunction against implementation of an appropriations bill that sought to aid financially weak school districts, because the bill provided aid only to those districts having a building in which school was held during school year 1943-44.  The Court found that “the classification is … an arbitrary one and does not embrace all weak school districts that naturally come within the classification of those in equal need of assistance,” and therefore ruled that the classification violated the state constitution, which, it stated, requires that the state provide for public schools in districts that are “in equal need of assistance.”  196 Okla. at 338, 163 P.2d at 1017.


Miller v. Childers, 107 Okla. 57, 238 P. 204 (Okla. 1924).

The Court in this case upheld state aid to local school districts on the basis of section 1 of article 13 of the Constitution. Under this provision, the court stated, “the duty rests primarily upon the state Legislature to ‘establish and maintain a system of free public schools wherein all the children of the state may be educated.’" 238 P. at 206.