Pennsylvania Ass’n of Rural and Small Sch. v. Ridge, 558 Pa. 374, 737 A.2d 246 (Pa. 1999).

The State Supreme Court affirmed, without opinion, the lower court’s dismissal of this action, in which plaintiffs claimed that the state’s system of school funding, which resulted in unequal funding among districts, was in violation of the state constitution.


Powell v. Ridge, 189 F.3d 387 (3d Cir. 1999), cert. denied Ridge v. Powell, 528 U.S. 1046 (1999).

Plaintiffs claimed that the Pennsylvania public education funding system was racially discriminatory.  The case was placed on suspension in 2001.


Marrero v. Commonwealth, 709 A.2d 956, 965 (Pa. 1998).

The Commonwealth Court dismissed this action, finding that “art. 3, § 14 of the state constitution places the responsibility for the maintenance and support of the public school system squarely in the hands of the legislature...” and stating, [T]his court will not inquire into the reason, wisdom, or expediency of the legislative policy with regard to education, nor any matters relating to legislative determinations of school policy or the scope of educational activity.” 709 A.2d at 965.


Danson v. Casey, 484 Pa. 415, 399 A.2d 360 (Pa. 1979).

The State Supreme Court ruled that “the Commonwealth has not failed to fulfill any duty it may have to the School District of Philadelphia to provide state subsidies to help finance public school education.”  It further ruled that uniformity of funding among school districts is not required; the state constitution requires only that the legislative scheme for financing public education "has a reasonable relation" to "[providing] for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of public schools…." 484 Pa. at 428, 399 A.2d at 367.